A Plea in Faith to Alumni and Former Parishioners

Dear St. Thomas Aquinas Alumni & Former Parishioners,


Greetings with best wishes from St. Thomas Aquinas! Prayers and Blessings for you and your family from all of us here. Please keep us in your prayers, as we count on them.

… if you have had enough of “begging letters”, PLEASE stop reading right now!

… if you are still reading, let me tell you about a GREAT immediate need we have here at St. Thomas Aquinas. But first let me set the stage.

… if you can remember someone from St. Thomas Aquinas — priest, sister, lay teacher, staff member — who was with you at the death of a loved one, or visited someone sick from your family, or counseled someone onto the “right path”, or accompanied you through a legal, liturgical, emotional “maze” that was so confusing, or went to the police station/court with someone who got in trouble, or prayed with someone losing hope (this list goes on and on!) … then I want to ask for your financial help in keeping that type of person here with us at St. Thomas Aquinas.

A religious sister (who has done ALL of the above and much more!) has been told that the Archdiocese can no longer pay her Community the salary that would allow her to continue here with us. Our neighboring parishes — while this Sister works with many from their parishes — are financially unable to help out. AND (worse yet!) we at St. Thomas Aquinas are experiencing a critical cash flow that challenges us to just meet our bi-monthly payroll and normal operating expenses.

So … here’s my “pitch.” I am asking (if you are still reading!) $1,000 from 50 of our alumni/former parishioners to keep this Sister with us until we can come up with the necessary long-range plan. I know that this is both bold and brazen on my part, but…

Here is how to do it:

You can donate in one of ways.

  1. You can give immediately with a credit or debit card or check, securely over the internet by visiting our donation page. Give now by clicking here.
  2. Or, you can also mail a donation to us at St. Thomas Aquinas to the rectory. Any amount is sincerely appreciated, and our address is 1719 Morris Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19145.

Our fund raising efforts have to be done by AUGUST 31, 2012! We will recognize your generosity on our website and in our community.

Thank you for whatever you are able to do, and especially for your prayers!

Fr. Shields, Pastor

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