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Artist Delia King recently answered a few questions about the Aquinas Center mural (pictured above) that will be painted on September 14th from 10AM-2PM. (For more details, check out our facebook event here.)

Delia King photoWhat do you consider first when starting a project like this?

I am interested certain social change topics, among them are migration, displacement, integration and tolerance. A project with this in mind has to bring different communities together using art. Ideally the art is a symbolic representation that merging societies is possible without threatening to lose the character and traditions of family and home.

What was the process like for creating the design?
I listened to the notes taken from the community meetings, I chose a motif (a roundel) that would bind the different cultural patterns together and put the design together.

Why did you become a community muralist?
I moved to Philadelphia to join the Mural Arts Program in 1999. I was raised with an acute awareness of sociology and my formal education was in Philosophy. I apprenticed as a scenic painter. Community mural painting was the best career I could choose that would use these skills. I like to constant change. Painting in Philadelphia has given me a broad viewpoint on the whole world, because there are elements of the world’s societies throughout the city. It has made me tough while strengthening my compassionate nature.

Can you describe a piece of public art or a favorite place that inspires you?
My favorite places are Jerome, AZ and Wildwood, NJ for the same reasons. In these places you can see forever, the horizon line is unbroken and the light is warm. My favorite works of art—that relate to my public art practice—are books by 20th century authors, like John Steinbeck, George Orwell, Somerset Maugham and Jack Kerouac. As a young person they inspired me to take risks in pursuit of the true nature of art and beauty.

You can see more of Delia’s work at

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