Update on Court Decision on Administrative Relief

Please read this Press Release from Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition: 

February 17, 2015

PICC Reaction To Texas Court Injunction Against Administrative Relief Implementation

Texas Circuit Court Judge Rules Against Immigrant Families…
Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) Confident U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals Will Reject Politically-Motivated Lawsuit by Anti-Immigrant Politicians
Undeterred by the political attacks, Pennsylvania immigrants continue to prepare for new immigration programs and will fight on for a path to citizenship

Philadelphia, PA – Today, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen of Brownsville Texas, who has previously expressed anti-immigrant views, issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks millions of young immigrants and parents of U.S. citizens from receiving work permits and temporary protections from deportation under new deferred action programs.

“Immigrants in Pennsylvania are moving forward regardless of today’s ruling, and will continue to get ready for the deferred action programs that will give tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians the chance to live, work, and stay in America with their families.” said Natasha Kelemen, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition. “Hundreds of legal scholars agree that the President’s executive action on immigration are constitutional and within his authority. We are confident that the court system will reject this meritless lawsuit that only wastes taxpayer dollars, disenfranchises immigrant workers and families, and robs much needed revenue from state economies.”

There are at least 170,000 undocumented immigrants living in Pennsylvania, and up to 55,000 Pennsylvania immigrants would be eligible for one of the deferred action programs. Enabling these immigrants to register with the government, request a reprieve from removal, and apply for a temporary work permit would increase tax revenues by at least $30 million and lead to a cascade of economic benefits across the state.

Locally, we thank Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for signing on to an amicus brief filed by more than 30 cities in support of the deferred action programs. We urge the Department of Justice to file an immediate appeal and expect that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will act quickly to reverse Judge Hanen’s decision.  Millions of people are waiting for the chance to come forward to live and work in the only country they call home.


The Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) is a diverse coalition of over 50 member organizations and numerous individual members. Our membership includes community groups, mutual assistance associations, social, health and legal service providers, advocacy organizations, unions, faith communities, community leaders and concerned individuals. Our mission is to advance immigrants’ rights and promote immigrants’ full integration into society by advocating with a unified voice for greater public understanding and welcoming public policies throughout Pennsylvania.

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