Fourth Sunday of Lent

Thoughts from our Pastor

(2 Chr 36: 14-16, 19-23; Eph 2:4-10;)

The scripture readings today—amidst many messages– call to mind the phrase “ONE MORE CHANCE”,  a phrase familiar to so many of us for either having asked for “it” or giving “it” … or both! The Israelite community is given “it” via Cyrus, the king of Persia and the followers of Christ receive “it” via putting their faith in Jesus.

The “ONE MORE CHANCE” phrase, though in the scriptures, has some additions tacked on to it. The seeking “one more chance” in following Christ, doing good serving others, being forgiven, living justly, etc. is met by our loving God with the response “Of course!”, “Repeatedly!”. “Without hesitation!”… Our seeking of “one more chance:”, especially during this season of Lent, is trumped by the magnanimous response of our loving Lord who stands ready to forgive us, welcome us back, strengthen us for the journey, whenever we turn to him via prayer, fasting, almsgiving seeking “one more chance”! That is the beauty of this season of Lent and, in fact, our faith always, that God unhesitatingly welcomes us back to the light of his love whenever we turn to him.

During Lent in what area are you/I asking God for “one more chance”? How is it going?

Father Shields


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