“New Life”

A very kind person after looking at the plants (long dead!) in the office that I use in the rectory, was kind enough to repot green, vibrant, very-much-alive plants where I had allowed the former occupants of the pots to die. The transformation from brown, brittle, dried-up to spirit-lifting and beauty was noticeable immediately.

This seems to be the promise that the Lord is making to the Israelite Community (and to us!) in today’s readings. The Lord is promising to not only restore “life” but also to tend and take care of that “life” through the imagery of plants and crops. God is promising to be an active agent in the process of nurturing and growth of much more than plants or crops. The Lord of Life is promising to be with us, especially in those times when WE feel powerless and unsuccessful. God is telling us very clearly that the outcome of things does NOT solely depend on OUR strengths, gifts, capabilities or wisdom. Rather God is very much a part of our daily activities and interactions.

Among other things the readings today are meant to be a consolation and encouragement for us who have not always been successful in growing loving relations, trust in God, doing-the-right-thing –being better.

God, like the kind person who planted “new-life” in the office pots, promises to be with us and invites us to trust more and more in God’s unlimited great love for each one of us. Maybe a good exercise in light of today’s readings, would be to take inventory of areas in our lives where some “re-potting” is needed. And, maybe we can lend the Lord a “hand” in the work needed to bring about new life.

Father Shields


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