Call City Council about Emergency Housing Protection Act

So many families are in crisis and struggling with rent during the pandemic. There is a package of legislation – the Emergency Housing Protection Act – in CIty Council that will greatly help families across Philadelphia. City Council is voting on it on Thursday 6/18/20 and we need your help!

The package includes: 1) a moratorium on evictions for 60 days after the stay at home order is lifted; 2) Sets up a payment plan to pay back rent for up to a year; 3)Create an eviction diversion program that runs through December 31 2020; 4)Waive late fees on rent during the pandemic and for two months afterwards; 5)Allow renters who are illegally locked out to recover damages caused by the illegal lockout

We need to get as many calls to City Council today and tomorrow. Can you make a call today? Here is the script (most likely will get voicemail)
“Hi, my name is _, and I live in your district. I am calling to support the Emergency Housing Protection Act, and would like the citycouncil member to vote in favor of it. People are in a desperate situation because of the pandemic and this will help a lot of families.”

People who speak Spanish – can leave a message in Spanish or practice a short phrase – “I live in your district and support the Emergency Housing Protection Act.”

People who are nervous about leaving full name, can just leave first name and just say we live in S. Philly, or Kensington, etc.

Who to Call:
List of City Council members:
Find your City Council member by entering your address (this is a little hard to navigate, but enter the address and then click the local button on the left and your council person will drop down:

Council members at large to call:
Allan Domb:, (215) 686-3414, (215) 686-3415

Derek Green:, (215) 686-3450, (215) 686-3451

DAVID OH (R): DAVID.OH@PHILA.GOV, (215) 686-3452, (215) 686-3453


Isaiah Thomas: (215) 686-3447