A Message From Our Pastor

First of all, I give thanks to Almighty God who has looked down upon me and given me a gift of the priesthood and a great opportunity to be a pastor of a wonderful parish Saint Thomas Aquinas- with so much potential with so many nationalities and cultures. I also thank all of you, the people of Saint Thomas Aquinas, who open your hearts and hands to support and welcome me in my new position as your pastor. Please pray for me as my prayers are also for you and your family.
Saint Thomas Aquinas is a marvelous place serving the South Philadelphia community with diversity and inclusiveness.  My goal is to continue to bring all of us closer to Christ in these difficult times, regardless of community, language, or ethnicity.  This is the beauty of St. Thomas Aquinas.
I plan to continue to build on the heritage of this fantastic parish and the legacy that so many special priests have left behind from Fr. Taraborelli through Monsignor Shields. It is an honor to lead this church into its mission into its next chapter: bringing hope and faith together into so many cultures: African American, Filipino, Indonesian, Irish-American, Italian-American, Latino, Vietnamese, among many others represented here at St Thomas Aquinas.  Diversity of South Philadelphia together in One Faith under Jesus making the world a better place.
Also, we congratulate and welcome Father Wilmer Chirino Gonzalez, a newly ordained priest. He will be our Parochial Vicar. I hope his priestly zeal will serve you and our parish fruitfully, especially as he guides the Spanish community.

Let the Holy Spirit guide us on our journey.

God Bless You


Fr. Dominic