Reflection of the 2nd Sunday of Advent

There is such hopefulness in today’s readings. They tell that the world ‘s waiting and hoping for a messiah is about to come fruition. God is sending a Savior. God has not delayed this messianic gift, but has had a plan for a working out of our salvation. As part of this plan. God appointed John the Baptist to be his messenger, preparing the way for the Messiah. It was his voice that fulfilled the prophet Isaiah that there would be someone crying out in the desert: prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.

      This messenger appeared to have some power to attract people to himself. Repentance was the way to prepare, John proclaimed. People heard john’s message and responded.

       Today, we still top prepare for Jesus coming into our lives. We are to deliberately and prayerfully welcome him every day of our loves. This does not mean that Jesus is not always with us, but that we may not always have our hearts open to recognize or feel his presence. Following John’s advice, we are to seriously look at what we have said and done, and humbly evaluate how closely we have followed God’s word. Today, we also have the teachings of Jesus to show us the way. We know that we will find ourselves wanting in some areas. Maybe we have not been honest with someone close to us. Maybe we have spoken ill about someone. Maybe we have planned harm to someone. The list of possibilities, unfortunately, is long. Nevertheless, we are called to check that list and honestly assess where we stand. Then the message of JOHN the Baptist is likely to have real meaning for us. Repent: prepare the way of the Lord. Jesus has come so that our sins can be forgiven, but if we do not look inside ourselves and see what sins we have committed, how can we ask for forgiveness?   

           Repentance and forgiveness go hand in hand. Saint Paul reminds us today that the time for repentance is today. We never know when the day of our judgement will come, so we would be foolish to delay. Our eternal salvation hangs in the balance. He says that since we desire to spend eternity with God, we should be eager to be found without spot or blemish . We have Sacrament of Reconciliation that provides us with the opportunity to confess our sins, express our sorrow for them and be assured that they are forgiven. When we know that our sins have been forgiven and we are the one with the Lord, we can be at peace. As we more closer and closer to the celebration of the birth of Jesus, this is the kind of peace we are to have in our hearts. This is the peace of Jesus came to give us; the peace and happiness no one can ever take from us.

   On the 8 of December… the Church will celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this celebration teaches us that Mary was kept sinless from the time that she was conceived in her mother’s womb, the grace that God had bestowed upon Mary in preparing her to be the mother of his Son. But it is also a reminders of some very basis truths of our faith. First, God wants us to have life, eternal life. Second, despite human sinfulness that appears to frustrate God’s plan, God orders everything toward our salvation. These truths of our faith can bring us peace and courage as we strive to be ahistorical holy children.

        Faithful Christians know that our salvation is no accident. We know that a God has a plan for us, but how we respond to God’s will show whether we accept or reject his plan. So, rejoice in the Good News of our salvation and in the blessing. We have in our Blessed Mother Mary, who models for us how to live in acceptance of God’s plan for us.

       May God bless you!

       Fr. Dominic 

       Your brother in Christ