Reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany

   One of our deepest longings is to be included. By our very nature, we want to share in things which are good. A good example of this basic human desire shows whenever something is being give away. People will often stand in long lines in order to get a free gift. Well, we already have the best gift ever given. We were give a beautiful free gift from God in his Son, Jesus Christ. He is the very love of God poured forth upon the world. During this season of Christmas joy, we remember and celebrate  the great event of God sending his Son to us. The best part of the gift of Jesus is that he is a gift for everyone. Jesus did not come just for Israel, he came for ever.       

  The feast of the Epiphany is a feast of this profound revelation. Our readings proclaim the news that everyone is brought to salvation in Jesus Christ. Through the words of the prophet Isaiah we receive the promise of all nations coming to Jerusalem to receive and honor the light . We come to understand this light to be Jesus Christ.  Saint Paul calls the Ephesians to accept the plan of God to unite Jew and Gentile alike in the salvation which comes through Jesus.  No one is excluded.       

Today’s Gospel tells one of the best loved stories of Christmas. Almost everyone knows the story of the three astrologers, the Magi who come in search of the news king, Jesus. They are foreigners who represent the variety of races and cultures in the world. This wonderful gospel story reveals a God who reaches out to everyone; a God who longs to unite them to himself through Jesus no matter who they are or where they bare from.         God continues to reach out to all people today through the light of the Gospel – the light of truth and revelation. These  lights  come together and point the way to Jesus Christ, the one true Light of the world. God reaches out again and again to lead us by the light of faith to his Son. Like the Magi, we must be open to seeing the lights which God shows to us. We rejoice in the fact that God’s plan of salvation is designed specifically for each of us. When we accept the Son, we must accept our unity into the body of Christ.         The revelation of today’s feast challenges us to accept all of our brothers and sisters in faith. Despite differences of race or age, gender or economic status. We are all  recipients of the same grace which comes to us through our acceptance of Jesus Christ. We must each become the light which guides others to Christ and become heralds of  the Christmas message. When we share this glorious news, the salvation and promise of Christ spreads in the world, and we unite ourselves with God’s plan to bring salvation to everyone.

May God bless you all.

Fr. Dominic 

Your brother in Christ.