Reflection for Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C 2022 

 Our currency carries the motto " in God we trust". If every American believed that motto we would have a very different kind of world than we do. Trust is such a necessary part of living that even secular values trust.
        All of us have experienced trust in some form, yet we must ask ourselves " do we trust God?" What does trust look like in daily life? We trust that the walls will support this church roof. Banks trust us to pay our bills. Children trust that the family will always be there for them. Students trust teachers to present them the truth. Trust is the glue holding together relationships in society and in the community of faith, the Church.
        Our experience of trust in everyday life is our basis for building trust in God. All of us have some experience on which we base our trust in God. We know that trust is built over a period of time. Trust can be damaged when we deceive, when we fail to keep a promise. There are many ways we can work against trust - and as many ways to build trust.
        The words we speak can help us do this. The Creed we will profess at the Mass begins "We believe." To believe means to trust. We, as Catholics, trust in one God. Creator and Maker of all things. The way bin which we live can help us to develop our trust. The prophet Jeremiah contrasts a person who trusts people as a" barren bush in the desert." with a person who trusts in God as a" tree planted near a stream, nurtured by water, which grows even in harsh weather."
      In the Gospel today Saint Luke gives his version of the beatitudes as a means of deepening our relationship with God. Saint Luke presents contrasts between our ways and God's ways. God's faithfulness  is best shown in the gift of Jesus who was promised and given for the salvation of a. This is the ultimate reason for us to trust God. We may ask, " What is in it before me?" Jeremiah says that we will be nurtured like a tree rooted by flowing water. Jesus says you shall laugh and be filled, God's reign is yours.
       Today and this week think about the many ways you can deepen your relationship with God by growing ever more trusting of God.

May God bless you all!
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ