Reflection for Solemnity — Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 2022

Our celebration of Easter is a proclamation of our belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through our celebration we are renewed in this powerful truth, in our knowledge of God, and in his plan for our salvation and eternal life. We are strengthened in our vision of reality and in our hope and we confirm that the Resurrection is the solid foundation of our lives.
Over the past three days we have traveled a remarkable journey and today we stand at the empty tomb, not in the darkness of unbelief but in the light of faith. The Christ we celebrate today is not the Christ of the Cross. To remain at the foot of the Cross would be to miss the very real that Christ died for us and dismiss the reconciliation and solidarity that the death and resurrection of Christ brings to our lives. For the Christ we celebrate today is he The Risen Christ who goes ahead of us. No part of ours who is untouched by His Resurrection, for this mysterious event is the complete victory of love, obedience, humility, and self-giving over the darkness of hatred, shame, sin, and despair. Even the once insurmountable obstacle of death is no more, its power is smash in the response of God the Father- the raising of Jesus from the dead.
Like the woman of the tomb, like the disciples, we are compelled to share our belief in the Resurrection with others. We cannot be ashamed to be associated with the truth, or be afraid to speak about it to a world that is hungry for such Good News. There is great satisfaction in knowing that the truth of the Resurrection will bring salvation, joy,and eternal life to all who are open to receive it as God’s plan of salvation continues to unfold in the world.
What joy there is in knowing that Christ is Risen ! Let the power of this single truth of our faith break forth into our life. Don’t contain it – proclaim it ! The power of this single truth will have a lasting effect on the world.
Jesus is Risen ! He is Risen Indeed!!!
Happy Easter to all of you and your loved one!
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ

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