Reflection for Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C 2022

Jesus the Son of God, teaches us about the new commandment: love one another . Even in the face of trial and adversity, we are to keep love in our hearts at all cost. It is in such love that we can find peace and rejoicing. As we extend love to others through what we say and do, our hearts lift and our burdens lighten. We are to erase all hatred and hostility and be willing to forgive, to see the good in others, and to offer friendship and care. If we do this , our hearts will be renewed and we will be walking the path of a disciple of Jesus. We will be rewarded and recognize as one who is Christian.
Making contributions to various causes is certainly good, however, love is not necessarily shown in material ways. Love is about an attitude, a disposition to gentleness, a kindness a compassion that lets another know that they have dignity and are valued as a child of God. This can occur in a mere smile which indicates all is okay; it may be in the mending of fences of a strained relationship with a relative or friend , it could be in helping a neighbor in a variety of ways. To do these acts of kindness cheerfully and without being asked demonstrates a truly loving Christian disposition.
We are told in the Gospel that we are to use Jesus as our model and example of love for one another – such as his love has been for us, so must our love be for others. Jesus continually reached out to people to teach, heal and save. The love of Jesus for us was so great that he sacrificed his life for us. We must consider what sacrifice we are willing to make . All of us have been blessed with certain gifts, talents and treasures, now we must use them to glorify God by caring for one another. If everyone on earth did this, all things really would be made new.
May God bless you all
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ