Reflection for the Seventh Sunday of Easter Year C 2022

Last Thursday, we celebrated The Ascension of the Lord Jesus. The Ascension scene appears to be a farewell. As we celebrate the Ascension , what does it mean to us? There are time in our lives when Jesus is more present to us, and there are times when we can only walk in faith and recall the experience of the past. We are called to worship and fall down in reverence, to give praise to God constantly, because we have seen Jesus. At the same time, we are being challenged to move out of our everyday complacency. Because we have experienced the Good News, we must take the risk of going forth and proclaiming it to others. Our journey of faith will often lead to letting go-endings and new beginnings.
At the Last Supper, Jesus spoke about love. He reminded the disciples of his great love for them and commanded that they love one another. He assured them that his Father also loves them, because of their love for him and their belief that he had come from God. Then he began to pray. He asked his Father for the ultimate consummation of that love: that his disciples might become one with him and with the Father in everlasting love.
When we stop to think about the real meaning of what Jesus taught, our minds find it almost impossible to comprehend. The idea that puny, inferior, sinful creatures such as we could be united with the almighty, pure perfection of God is almost beyond belief. Yet, this is exactly what Jesus has promised. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit, coming upon us – in the poetic words of the Book of Revelation – as a bridegroom uniting with his bride, can we make that leaping of faith??
Through putting aside doubts, lovingly trusting in Jesus, purifying our lives by following his teachings, giving up ourselves to the sweet embrace of the Holy Spirit, we can accept his wondrous promise. If we do, Jesus has assured us, we can live out our lives forever in God’s kingdom of eternal love.
God bless you all!
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ