Reflection for the Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C 2022

   Confidence is an ingredient necessary for success. When people believe in themselves , in other, or in a mission, they are on the road to achievement. The secular world knows this . That is why businesses invest in confidence-building workshops for their employees and managers. Social activists use confidence- building measures to advance  their social agendas in the heart of their followers, thus motivating them to go forward  courageous action.

               From Scriptures we see the power of confidence working  in the lives of people who put their faith in God..

                Today’s Gospel is a call by Jesus to us to put our faith into courageous action. Without fear, we are to value the kingdom of God over everything else, sacrificing all in order to possess it.

               Jesus gives us an example to inspire and teach us. The analogy of servants awaiting the return of their master speaks a message of faith in action. The faithful servant does not know when the master will return, but strives to please the master by always being ready for him. Such is the life,faith,and work of a disciple.

                 Confidence must be a part of our Christian life. It is built when we believe in the words and examples of Christ and in the examples of our biblical ancestors. We are not alone,  they came ahead of us and, yet, they walk with us in faith, upon which we built trust. We trust in Jesus when he says, ” Do not fear,” and when he tells us that he will return and reward his faithful servants. With faith and trust, we become confident and we can step out and do courageous actions. With confidence we generously sacrifice to care for the poor. With confidence we resist temptation as we live out the teachings of Jesus.

          Who greater can we believe or trust than God’s Son, Jesus?

 He is God’s promise sent to teach us. So, do not be fear. Be confident that the Father is pleased to give you the kingdom. On the words of Christ, He will do so !

God bless you all 

Fr Dominic 

Your brother in Christ