Reflection for Twenty Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C 2022

At the first glance it seems the readings are simply about putting money in its right place and not becoming a slave to it. However, if one goes further , I think you will find that money is really meant to serve the purposes of God in this world while it lose all meaning in the next world.

            Too often money gets a bad reputation in this; however, if the truth be known, money does a lot of good in the world in acts of charity. Oh , you could argue that charity would not be necessary if we lived in a  just world, but the reality is, we do not live in the just world. It is heartening to know that philanthropy and generosity are part of our human experience. After all, in the Gospel passage from Saint Luke, Jesus does commend the unjust steward for being enterprising , even though in a worldly way. At the same time, the prophet Amos decries all those who use the poor for their own gain.

        It is not easy to follow the Gospel values at all times. The temptation to be self – serving is always present to us. The steward in today’s passage becomes devious in order to cover his tracks, and to make sure he has friends who will take him in when he is fired from his job. The presumption is that he will not be getting a favorable letter of recommendation for another job involving stewardship responsibilities.

          The greatest issue in the story is the issue of trustworthiness ! ” If you can not be trusted with elusive wealth, who will trust you with lasting wealth? ” Again, it is not a question of God’s love! It is a question of our appreciative response to that love. Do we trust God enough to model our own lives on his love and trust of us? Because, only then will we be able to serve God wholeheartedly and be able to put money in its dutiful place at the service of God, others, and the Church. After all, the poor are the wealth of God ! And they are always with us !

God bless you all 

Fr. Dominic 

Your brother in Christ