Reflection for the Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C 2022

 As we grow up, we begin to lose the innocent curiosity which was once the sole basis of our questions. We still ask questions for clarity, but we also begin to question with less noble intentions. We  sometimes question for the sole purpose of trapping someone in their speech. We may even question to display someone’s ignorance or to confuse or to confuse or discredit them. And, what about questions  asked only for the purpose of gaining gossip?

                The questions asked of Jesus by Sadducees concerning resurrection were filled with ill intentions. They were not so much concerned about the answer as they were with trapping Jesus in his speech. Jesus circumvents their trap and turns the situation into an opportunity to clearly state the truth about the resurrection of the just. He tells his audience that there is a distinction between earthly life and eternal life. The two cannot be viewed from the same perspective. Marriage , laws, and death are a part of our earthly existence. They are not a part of our heavenly existence. 

               Jesus turns their questions of trickery into teachings of faith. He combines his teachings with a glimpse into what lies beyond our earthly existence. For those who took his words to heart, hope and peace became a part  of their lives. For those who sought to trap him, there was only frustration.

               Our readings call us to reaffirm our belief in the resurrection of the dead. As we think about those in our lives who have died, many childlike  – simple – questions can come into our minds: where are they? What are things like for them? Do they know what we are praying for them ? As we think about them, we begin to question our own future: What will heaven be like?Will I ever see my loved ones again? We need to hear and to believe in what Jesus is saying to us today. This may require that we be willing to take a leap in our faith lives.

               Our belief in eternal life and resurrection requires faith. That leap of faith comes when we trust in the words of Jesus. It is a leap of faith into the arms of the God of the living: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Moses, Jesus, and Mary, the God of our ancestors. It is there that we can find peace and hope for the questions of our lives. We have the childlike questions, but we do have the childlike faith?

May God bless you all !

Fr. Dominic

Your brother in Christ