Reflection for the Solemnity – The Nativity of the Lord Year A 2022

Our observance of Christmas is unique and special among all of the celebrations during the entire year. The aromas of special foods, parties, gifts, carols, and nostalgic music all contribute to the memories of Christmas. Generation after generation have celebrated Christmas over the past two thousand years. That’s a long tradition of which we a a part.

              Christmas is a beginning . It is a season , not just one day. Shakespeare knew this when he wrote his play ” Twelfth Night .” So did the composer of” twelve days of Christmas “if you don’t have the Christmas spirit just yet, you can be hopeful and take solace in the fact the the Church celebrates Christmas through January 8th, when we rejoice in the Baptist of the Lord. Pause from your hectic schedule over the next two weeks and savor the spirit of the season. Don’t be in such a rush to take down the signs of Christmas joy from your homes. Teach the children of our parish that Christmas is an ongoing celebration.

             The Christmas spirit is elusive at times. That peace we long for can be offset by daily problems, family emergencies, personal difficulties, and all that we may feel is wrong with the world. Knowing this, we still  have cause  for hope. Christ is born into our hearts each day. We can hope  that we will have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the Lord, not only in our hearts, but in the people we see every day.

       We have reason to hope because we can rely on God’s faithfulness as Isaiah attests in the reading. Even though his people had broken their part of covenant, God still  remained faithful to them, calling them back through the prophet Isaiah. We, also, sin and fail to honor our part of covenant, yet God continues to call us back to himself through Jesus. We need to respond to God’s faithfulness and love in order to keep our part of bargain!!

         The good news of Christmas is meant to be received but not contained. Just as Jesus came to everyone, so , too, the celebration of his presence is meant to be shared. When we bring this Good News to others, we bring salvation and life, hope and joy to their lives. What person is there who would not desire to receive such unpurchasable gifts? What a special mission it is to bear the Good News of Christmas to others. In doing so, we bring them Christ.

           Day in and day out, people long to hear the news because they know the events of every day will affect their lives. On this Christmas Day, we celebrate important news, Good News: Jesus Christ is born!Share the news!

Merry Christmas to all!

Fr. Dominic

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