Aquinas Center


Aquinas Center is an affiliated organization of  St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. Separately incorporated with a governing board of directors, Aquinas Center operates in the former parish convent, which was re-purposed in 2013 to respond to the community’s desire for a welcoming space to offer mutual support and foster shared understanding across boundaries of class, race, ethnicity, language and geographic distance. The center works in close collaboration with the parish communities and the Independence Mission School on the parish campus.


Over 600 children, youth, and adults walk through the doors each week for activities ranging from Encounter experiences to community organizing to immigration legal services to English classes. Some of these programs are weekly, repeat annually, or are standalone workshops. Valued program partners such as Catholic Social Services, Bethanna, La Puerta Abierta, Girl Scouts, the University of Pennsylvania, and Al Anon offer their specialized services at our site. Programs and collaborative activities are thoughtfully considered before being offered.

Community input, culturally competent leadership, and a social justice dimension are key factors in determining how a program intervention is designed and implemented. We seek to be mindful of how we can creatively and intentionally foster what Pope Francis calls the Culture of Encounter. Funding for our mission comes from three sources: program income, grants, and private donations. Please note that the Aquinas Center is not available for private rentals like birthday parties.


Visit the Aquinas Center’s webpage: or call 267-702-3454. Email inquiries can be directed to

Aquinas Center Immigration Legal Services

Aquinas Center Immigration Legal Services offers non-litigation legal services including, but not limited to: petitions for relatives, applications for permanent residency, requests for an employment authorization document, and applications for naturalization. We screen every client for any additional immigration benefits such as asylum, VAWA, DACA, cancellation of removal, acquired and derivative citizenship, etc. Our diverse team offers assistance in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, and French Creole, with additional languages as needed.

Hours of Operation/ Horas de Operaciones

The legal services office is open for drop in appointments on Mondays from 3PM-8PM, the first Saturday of every month from 9AM-3PM, and other times as scheduled with the ACILS DOJ representative or volunteer attorney.

Services legales de inmigración de alta calidad y bajo costo basados en la comunidad.

Lunes de 3:00PM hasta las 8:00PM
El primer sábado del mes desde las 9:00AM hasta las 3:00PM
*Otras consultas son disponibles con una cita de anteman

Call to make a  confidential appointment: 267-469-0813
Or, email:

Llame al 267-469-0813
Envíanos un correo a:


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