Be a part of God’s work.  Keep St. Thomas Serving into the future.

Stewardship is the act of attending to God’s gifts in order to do God’s work. Whether those gifts are the gifts of creation, or more specifically, the financial resources we have at our disposal, as good stewards, we aspire to care responsibly for them and trust they will multiply. Each advancement in our stewardship brings an expansion in our ability to nurture both ourselves and our world.

As we think of stewardship and being good stewards of our beloved parish, St. Thomas Aquinas, let’s contemplate the Corporal Works of Mercy, To feed the hungry; To give drink to the thirsty; To clothe the naked; To harbor the harborless; To visit the sick; To ransom the captive; and To bury the dead.

With this in mind, please consider making a monetary donation for next year. Any amount is appreciated, even something that may feel small to begin with.

  • A gift of $100 can help defray funeral expenses for someone who can otherwise not afford it.
  • A gift of $25 every week can help feed a family experiencing food insecurity for the entire summer!
  • A gift of $10 can give one of our scholars a coat for school

St. Thomas is built upon a legacy of people serving each other through sacrifice and beautiful manifestations of faith.  Please, continue that legacy with a gift to St. Thomas Aquinas today.  Your contribution will go towards maintaining the spiritual heritage of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Thank you and please continue to pray for us.