English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESoL) Class

Online Summer Semester: Tuesday May 26 – Thursday August 20th

Due to the Coronavirus, we are having English class online. It will be different from our regular class. Every week, we will post lessons and activities here. You can watch the videos and do the activities at any time. We will also match each student with a conversation partner to practice English through a phone call or video chat. For video chats, we will be using Google Meet.

Please register here so we can send you class updates and match you with a conversation partner. There is no fee for this class. You can register at any time during the semester, but we will close registration when the class is full. 
Every Thursday, we will have an informal class meeting on Google Meet. Here, you can ask questions about the lessons, review the activities, and practice English as a group. We will send the Google Meet link to students who register. Please email education@aquinascenterphilly.org if you have questions about registering or about using Google Meet.

Click on the links below for each week’s lesson

Week 1Week 1
Week 2Week 2
Week 3Week 3
Week 4Week 4
Week 5Week 5
Week 6Week 6
Week 7Week 7

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For more information email education@aquinascenterphilly.org or call the rectory at 215-334-2312