Reflection for Third Sunday of Easter

There is old saying in Christianity: “If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Most of us find it hard to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the Apostles as they proclaimed the Gospel under difficult circumstances, which for many led to martyrdom. Man of you are pare, doing your best to love your spouse and to provide for your children. You go to work and do your job, normally not making waves or drawing undo attention to yourselves. Most of your lives probably appear to be very ordinary and not all that special. However, if we follow the Lord Jesus, we are called to be witnesses to his death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins and to share our love and compassion with those who crossed our path. Mother Teresa of Culcutta spoke of doing beautiful things for God. For us, that might mean listening to the plight of a co-worker who is struggling to raise his teenager, giving comfort to o young woman who is depressed and lonely or, perhaps, just a word for Christ hope to a friend who is caring for a parent in declining health. All of these small acts can add up to a lifetime or evidence that we have done our best to proclaim, by our words and actions, that Christ is risen.
In Luke Gospel we find two occasions when Jesus, after the resurrection, eats with his disciples. The story of the disciples on the road of Emmeaus where the recognized Jesus as he broke bread, comes just before today’s Gospel selection. Today, Jesus meets with his Apostles in Jerusalem and asks if they have anything to eat. What can be more compelling to dispel the fear of a ghost than to see Jesus in the flesh, sharing bread and fish with his friends? Jesus invites them to touch him, to prove that he is real, and offers them the gift of peace. He opens their minds to the Scriptures, an concludes by telling them that they are to be his witnesses to the world.
When we gather for Mass, we continue telling these age- old stories because they bare life-giving to us. We come to communion and we are fed on the Body of Christ, our bread for the journey to the eternal kingdom. We are sent forth as messengers of peace and charged to be witnesses and proclaimer that Jesus is alive and well. He is risen and lives in us and among us.
God bless you all, Alleluia!!!!!
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ