Father Joseph Huynh

Father Joseph Dinh Huynh

The Vietnamese Catholic Community of St. Thomas Aquinas and our entire parish honors the memory of Rev. Joseph Dinh Huynh a man that dedicated his life to do God’s work.

Father Joseph was a faithful servant to the church, looking out for the people of the parish, especially within the Vietnamese community. He was instrumental in helping those new to this country get acclimated providing help and guidance as well as a loving and caring nature that helped those that were separated from their loved ones in Vietnam.
Fr. Joseph Dinh Huynh was appointed in 1988 to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish by the Archdioceses of Philadelphia as a diocesan priest and immediately made a connection to the people thanks in part to his charisma, great personality and wonderful sense of humor. These natural gifts along with his generosity helped Fr. Joseph cement a solid relationship with the Vietnamese community establishing them as a staple here in South Philadelphia. He also established the “Asian Social Service Center” in a row house adjacent to the parish as another way to support Asian immigrants. Fr. Joseph was a real teacher as well as an educator, a spiritual leader and a financial support for most of the Vietnamese helping to build one of the largest Asian communities in South Philadelphia.
Fr. Joseph was born in North Vietnam and had to flee his home coming to the United States by boat as an refugee. Father served the Vietnamese people for 36 years throughout the Archdiocese with his final assignment here at St. Thomas Aquinas in 1988.
Fr. Joseph left this world on November 30, 2016 but he left behind a great legacy that continues at St. Thomas Aquinas and wonderful memories of a great man and priest. We remember him fondly for all the good he did and all the people he touched as well as all he meant to all of us. We thank God for sending him to us and we pray that God continues to bless him. Father Joseph has truly left his mark on all of us and for that we are grateful and we still and always will miss you. God Bless Father Joseph
and Thank you.

Translations in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Indonesian to come.