Alumni, Welcome Home!

We hear them every day:  Stories of people’s Grandparents who were married at St Thomas Aquinas, people who have had their first communion here but have since moved out of the neighborhood. St. Thomas Aquinas has a strong Spiritual Heritage to many all over the area that starts right here in South Philadelphia.  The bricks and windows of this 134-year-old Church are calling out to you “Welcome Home.” We’d love for you to come join us at a Mass soon.

We are blessed by our Legacy.  Waves of immigrants built and maintained this church over the past hundred plus years: first from Ireland and Italy, later from the Philippines and Vietnam, now from Latin America and Africa. St. Thomas Aquinas has been nourishing their spiritual roots.  

We need your help to continue this legacy of welcoming the immigrant and the stranger in South Philadelphia into the future.   St. Thomas Aquinas has been here for you and your family.  With your support, together, we can ensure that St. Thomas is here for more families in South Philadelphia.  Your contribution will go towards maintaining the spiritual heritage of St. Thomas Aquinas.