Reflection for Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

   In today’s first reading the prophet Jeremiah speaks out in a way that shows him to be a man of great faith. His words are spoken to the Israelites who were suffering the effects of the Babylonian exile and who faced even more misfortune in the future. Things looked very break. Jeremiah recalled for the Israelites the faithfulness of God, the one who would lead the out of their misery and console them, Jeremiah wanted to renew their faith in God.
             What circumstances in Jeremiah’s life led him to do such things? What motivated him to act on these beliefs?  Jeremiah listened to God’s call at a young age and eventually said yes to God’s  messenger to his people. We know that he acted on his faith and that he suffered greatly for doing so. His good works would evening lead to his death. Can you imagine yourself as Jeremiah. You are called to share God’s message and you eventually agree. You are trying to live out your life with good works, yet you are faced with some very difficult times. God will not abandon us. The same faith in God that sustained Jeremiah will also see us through trials and misfortune.
            In today’s Gospel we hear another example of a person of faith: the blind beggar Bartimaeus. Since he was blind, he had to listen very carefully to what others were saying about Jesus of Nazareth. He came to believe all that he heard, and recognized Jesus as one sent from God. He acted on his beliefs when he called out to Jesus, shouting for mercy. People  tried to keep him quiet but he shouted louder. When Jesus called him to come. He jumped up and went . Bartimaeus was healed of his blindness and Jesus declared him to be a person of great faith.
                   Imagine that you are Bartimaeus. People tell you about Jesus. You want to believe what you hear. You do the good work of Jesus which nurtured your faith. You come to believe that Jesus  can heal. You begin to “see” the presence of God in Jesus through the eyes of faith. Would you jump for Jesus when he calls you to come? What would you say to Jesus who he ask you” what do you want me to do for you?”
                  We accept God’s gift of Jesus into our lives every day of the year. We strive with the help of Jesus to be people of faith and goo works. Jesus is present in our midst . He calls us to himself in the Holy Eucharist. What do we want him to do for us? Let us be as persistent and excited about Jesus as Bartimaeus, so that our Faith speaks out. Shouting o others our beliefs in the power of the Lord.
May God bless you
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ