Reflection for Second Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C 2022

We have all been to weddings where friends and relatives come together. There may be music, dancing, and even champagne. The atmosphere is festive and celebratory. A Spirit of hope abounds as we contemplate the future of the new couple. Gifts are given. Wedding imagery is used in today’s first reading. The wedding at Cana is the scene for our Gospel reading. There is a Spirit of hope in our reading much like that at a wedding. This is in the second Sunday.
              In rich language the prophet Isaiah reassures God’s  . He promises of behalf of God the Israel will regain a place of prominence in the community of nations. The prophet using romantic and marital imagery describes a wonderful and exciting future for God’s people. ” you shall be called – My Delight,” expresses the love and affection of God for his people. This message of hope and encouragement must have bolstered them the Spirit of the faith when it was first proclaimed. It is also to be heard by us today especially when are down or feeling separated from God.
        Our Gospel today recounts the wedding feast at Cana. This story comes from a section of John’s Gospel known as a Book of Signs. The bottom line of this book is that the ” old dispensation ” has passed away. It also assert a new age with Jesus being the fulfillment of all the messianic hopes and dreams of his people. We have all heard various interpretations of this story like those that emphasize how nice it was that Jesus listened to his mother, Mary. But his st. Takes on a much greater power when one considers the wine in the story on a symbolic level. Remember an abundance of wine was always associated with the new messianic age in the Old Testament. The point of this story is that a new near has dawned. The evangelist is proclaiming Jesus as Messiah. The full story and power of God are becoming apparent.
           Taken together our readings proclaim that our  loving God is very much with us. Our Old Testament reading assures us that we are loved by God much like a spouse. Saint Paul’s letter tells us of some of the many gifts and ministries we have been given. And he reminds us never to los sight of the fact  these come from the Holy Spirit. Finally, the Gospel proclaims Jesus as the one we have been hoping for and the n era is here where ” integrity and praise will spring up”. We have but to put our faith in Jesus. With fifty weeks yet to go this year this is a message that can strengthen and encourage us throughout the year.
God bless you all!
Fr. Dominic
Your brother in Christ