It is hard to believe that it’s been five years since Fr. Kurniawan was appointed by the Vincentians Catholic Congregation to serve as Minister of the Indonesian Catholic Community here at St. Thomas Aquinas. Since then, he has blessed us with wonderful leadership and humble support not only in the Indonesian Catholic Community but in the entire St. Thomas Aquinas Community.
Every farewell always brings a lot of sadness and hope, especially when it is good priest and wonderful friend as Fr. Kurniawan. He has been a teacher and spiritual guide for all the people who were around him. Father Kurniawan will soon leave St. Thomas Aquinas Parish to begin another chapter of his religious Ministry in Indonesia and we will miss him and hope to one day see him again.
For everyone who knows Fr. Kurniawan, he was a good friend, confessor, spiritual adviser and brother. The simplicity and joy of his personality opened the doors to all environments in the Church and the ordinary life of those who approached him.
He was good with the children, always playful and caring. He was instrumental in their faith formation and always a great role model. He showed a caring loving spirit to all who came in contact with him and demonstrated true happiness and concern for all.
There is no easy way to say good bye and thank you as you have filled our lives with kindness, holiness and happiness and you did it genuinely and from the heart. You have been and always will be an ambassador of Jesus.

Thank You Father, May God Bless You and Keep You. You will always be part of the St. Thomas Aquinas Family…