Reflection for Sixth Sunday of Easter Year A 2023

A Message from Fr. Wilmer Chirino

Reflection of the 6th Sunday of Easter
“I will not leave you orphans: I will come again”

The readings of this sixth Sunday of Easter, take us to that moving and dramatic moment of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples before His passion and death.

Jesus promises His friends that, after Him, they will receive another Paraclete, another “Advocate”, another Comforter, that is “the Spirit of truth”. These words convey to the disciples the joy of a new coming of Christ: Jesus, risen and glorified, lives in the Father and, at the same time, comes to us in the Holy Spirit. In this new coming our union with him and with the Father is revealed.

Christ crucified and risen is the great Easter proclamation that every believer is called to proclaim and witness to with courage. The world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; you, on the other hand, know him because He lives with you and is with you. This love is the great gift of Jesus. He who accepts my commandments and keeps them, says the Lord, loves me. He who loves me, my Father will love Him, and I also will love Him and will reveal myself to Him.”

Humanity needs this love today more than ever, because only love is credible. The unshakable faith in this love inspires in the disciples thoughts of peace, opening horizons of forgiveness and concord. Certainly, this is impossible according to the logic of the world, but everything is possible for those who allow themselves to be transformed by the grace of the Spirit of Christ, poured into our hearts at baptism.

Sisters and brothers, may the ever- Virgin Blessed Mary, perfect disciple of Her Son and Lord, help us to be ever more docile to the Paraclete, to the Spirit of truth, so that we may learn each day to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Amen.