Reflection for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God Year A 2023

  Throughout Christian history it has become quite clear that those who seek Mary’s love and care find some that only the Holy Mother  can give. Try as the world might, it cannot be rid of her holy presence, a presence that gives us the Divine Presence in our world in her Son, Jesus. Orthodox and Roman Catholics maintain that she remained ever a virgin, that she was born without sin, and that she shared in the redemptive suffering of her Son for our salvation.

        Of all the women who have ever lived, the mother of Jesus Christ is the most renowned, celebrated, venerated, and honored. Millions of newborn babies have been given her name, along with the countless churches, shrines, and holy places. The world’s greatest musicians and artists have lavished their considerable talents upon her moreso than for any other woman in history.

           In the year 1991, there was a significant increase in devotion and attention give to Mary the Virgin and our Mother. Most interesting in the attention give to her by those not of our faith. Many people claim her as an active heroine who is a crusader for social justice. Furthermore she was a woman of strength and courage who experienced poverty, alienation, suffering, flight, and exile. She stands for the poor and the oppressed. He mighty Magnificat is an anthem for social justice. She is the quintessential woman, giving her heart for love and for people rather than for power or machinery. She is, the most liberated. The most determined, and the most responsible of all mothers.

      We are given a guide and model for our faith journey of the New Year. We are give Mary, the Mother of God, as our companion for daily living. As a person of unwavering faith in God. Mary was able to reflect, to wonder, to question. These reveal to us her relationship with God, one that was familiar, confident, and steadfast.

        We begin this New Year with a blessing, a family, and a model for the journey of faith that will unfold before us in 2023. Many things are unknown, but we do  know that God’s power and presence is with us. We will not be abandoned as we step forward into this New Year of grace and blessing.

         Have a blessed and Holy New Year to all of you !

   Fr. Dominic

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